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  • Title

    Measurement of dynamic characteristics of technological system

  • Authors

    Goloborodko Ganna M.
    Perperi Lyudmyla М.
    Guhnin Volodymyr P.
    Palennyi Yuriy G.

  • Subject


  • Year 2016
    Issue 1(48)
    UDC 621.9.06.08
    DOI 10.15276/opu.1.48.2016.04
    Pages 19-23
  • Abstract

    It is overview of the measurement methods of free oscillations of console tools and forced vibrations during cutting. Non-contact inductive and capacitive sensors are commonly used for such measurements. Often used measurement methods are using inductive and capacitive sensors. Aim: The aim is to probe the stand developed by the authors for non-contact measurement of vibration of the rotating tool and then comparing the amplitude and frequency characteristics at noncutting rotation and during processing using wide blade to establish the vibration resistance of cutting process. Materials and Methods: To measure the tool vibration displacement relatively to the part at low frequency vibrations, it is proposed to use non-contact measurement method, using sensors, that are operate on the basis of Hall effect. Results: the stand for non-contact vibration measurement instrument in real time has been developed. The oscillograms of tool center amplitude during rotation, spectral analysis data of tool vibrations relative to processed part and moving center tool graphics noncutting rotation and in the process cutting were obtained during the experiments. The analysis of measurement data at various stages of processing of the hole scan carried out. It is shown that the tool is able to correct the initial error of the pre-processed hole in the range of 25 to 50%. Conclusions: Processing of the data allows estimating the parameters of the dynamical system both at noncutting rotation speed and during processing to estimate data deviations of eccentricity at the base of oscillograms amplitude on axes Y and Z, deviation from roundness and make conclusions about the dimensional accuracy in the processing of workpieces with different modes of cutting.

  • Keywords non-contact measurement, Hall effect, vibration, cutting
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  • Creative Commons License by Author(s)