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  • Title

    Dynamic damper pressure fluctuation in the pumping systems

  • Authors

    Korolyov Alexander V.
    Zhou Huiyu

  • Subject


  • Year 2016
    Issue 1(48)
    UDC 534.1:62-752
    DOI 10.15276/opu.1.48.2016.07
    Pages 35-40
  • Abstract

    Inertial part of any devices and equipment (e.g., pumps), hung or mounted on the resilient frame and being under the influence of the disturbing force that works at a constant frequency, may be subject to fluctuations, especially near of the resonance area. For elimination these fluctuations, you can resort to the use of a dynamic damper. Aim: The aim of the work is an analytical study of various dynamic dampers to reduce pressure fluctuation problems in pumping systems. Materials and Methods: A comparative analysis of efficiency of functioning was carried out for two types of dynamic dampers - hydraulic and mechanical. Results: The technique for calculating of dynamic damper of fluid pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic and mechanical pumps is presented. Algorithms of calculations are reported to engineering applications and implemented in the production process. The calculations show that the use of dynamic mechanical dampers is expedient at high frequency pumps, and, with increasing frequency of the pump by 6 times, winning in the dimensions of the damper in 3.5 times.

  • Keywords dynamic damper, damper, fluctuations, disturbance
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  • Creative Commons License by Author(s)