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Oborsky Gennady A.



         Dr. Eng., Prof. Gennady A. OBORSKY – Odessa National Polytechnic University Rectorr, Head of the “Metal cutting tools, metrology and certification” Department, Aademician of the Ukraine Academy of Engineering Sciences, Dr.Eng., Professor, Honored worker of the Ukraine education system.

Beginning from 1995 acts as Scientific Secretary of the Specialised Scientific Board for Doctoral theses.

In 2004 G. А. Оborsky was awarded the title of Honored worker of the Ukraine higher education system, in 1993, 1998, 2004  obtained the Honorary letters and Certificates of Merits by the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science, in 2006 has been awarded with the Petro Mohyla decoration.

Beginning from 2000 is the Academician of the Ukraine Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Prof. G.A. Oborsky  is a well-known expert in the field of technological systems’ dynamics and reliability.

Under his scientific supervision have been prepared and successfully defended 3 Ph.D. theses; presently he is actively engaged into new generation of Ph.D. students training. The list of scientific publications includes more than 100 works, including author’s patents, monographs, manuals, articles.

Field of scientific interests: problems of improving the complex technological systems’ reliability, standardization and certification.


DSc, Prof. Odessа Polytechnic State University





1.    Теchnology of machines- and engines-building. Manual for Machine building specialties students of Technical Universities//Оdessa ONPU 2005, 719 pp /Authors’ team (in Ukrainian)
2.    Thermomechanical phenomena effects onto the cutting process’ stability and the cutting tool wearing.// Usov А.V., Oborsky G.A., Dubrov К.А./ Cutting processes and tools at engineering systems.Interna-tional scientific engineering collected volume, Kharkov, NTU “KPI”, 2007, vol. 73., 6 p (in Russian)
3.    Тhermomechanical models of cutting process stability and cutting instrument wearing. // Oborsky G.A., Usov  А.V. /Contemporary technologies at machine building. Scientific col.vol. Kharkov, NTU “KPI”, 2007, 7 p (in Russian)
4.    Methods to reduce the power capacity of the ferroceramic metals’ mechanical treatment.// Oborsky G.A., Usov  А.V. / Contemporary technologies at machine building. Scientific col.vol. devoted to F.Ya. Yakubov anniversary Kharkov, NTU “KPI”, 2007, 3 p (in Russian)
5.    Metrology and metering instrument bases. Methodical manual for laboratory studies. // Gugnin V.P., Kolomiets L.V., Oborsky G.A., Migun G.A / Оdessa, “Science and Technology", 2007, 76 pp (in Ukrainian)
6.    Optimisation of  processing by cutting edge with consideration to the metal’s thermal physics characteristics. // Oborsky G.A., Zelinsky S.A / Quality strategy at industry and education, July 2007., 3 p (in Russian)
7.    Теchnological maintenance of the wear-proof coated items’ efficient operation. // Usov  А.V., Oborsky G.A., Vorobiova L.А. / Contemporary techno-logies at machine building. Scientific col.vol. , vol.1, Kharkov, NTU “KPI”, 2008, 7p (in Russian)
8.    Industrial manipulators’ reliability under extremel load conditions. // Gutyria S.S., Oborsky G.A., Yaglinsky V.P., Khlintsov D.N. / Computational mechanics and constructions’ strength problems.  Col.vol. Dnepropetrovsk National University, Dnepropetrovsk: ІМА-press, 2009, 8p (in Russian)
9.    Neural networks technology application for estimating an enterprise creation costs and commercial risks. // Oborsky G.A., Коtеnkо N.А. / Col.vol. of  Х-th International scientific-practical conference  "Contem-porary informational and electrical technologies", 2009., 2p (in Russian)
10.    Forecasting various economical parameters when their functional interrelations are uncertain and alternating. // Oborsky G.A., Коtеnkо N.А. / Col.vol.of  І-st All-Ukrainian scientific practical conference “Contemporary tends of informational tech-nologies at education development"  - 2009, Kherson., 4p (in Ukrainian)
11.    Theoretical bases of the mahines’ dynamics. Manual for HEI and TU students. // Surianiniv N.G., Daschenko A.F., Oborsky G.A., Bilous P.O. / Оdessa, "Аstroprint", 2008., 416 pp (in Ukrainian)
12.    Certification principles. Methodical manual for course theses and projects // Palenny Yu.G., Oborsky G.A., Golofeeva  М.О. / Оdessa, 2010, "Science and technology", 74 pp (in Ukrainian)
13.    Tools optimizing the university strategic development plan elaboration // Oborsky G.A., N.V.Lebed / Col.vol of  VI-th International conference, Nikolaev, 2010, P.170-173 (in Russian)
14.    Metrology and metering instrument bases. Methodical manual for course theses and projects // Oborsky G.A., V.P. Gugnin / Оdessa, "Science and technology"2010., 118 pp (in Ukrainian)
15.    Product and technological processes standardization. Manual // Simferopol – Kyiv – Оdessa, 2010.    28 pp, Authors’ team (in Ukrainian)
16.    Experimental methods of  research in mechanics. Manual // Oborsky G.A., А.М.Lomarenko, N.G. Surianinov / Оdessa, "Аstroptrint", 2011., 544 pp (in Russian)