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Usov Аnatoly Vasyl’ovych


Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering,D.Sc. (engineering), professor, head of the chair of higher mathematics and systems simulation,  Оdessa National Polytechnic University.

А. V. Usov was born in Khats’ki village (Cherkassy region) on July 11, 1949. He graduated from the Odesa Polytechnic Institute (1971, M.Sc. in mechanical engineering) and from the Odesa State University named after І.І. Меchnikov (1976, M.Sc. in mathematics). 

А. V. Usov is a well-known scientist in the field of machine building, information technologies    , mathematical simulation of technical systems. For the first time in the Former Soviet Union, he worked out and implemented a technology for ensuring the final production processing quality, a fiber cable manufacturing technique, as well as the corresponding thermomechanical processes control methods. 

In 1985 А.V. Usov created the scientific school “Thermal effects and control methods for ensuring the job surfaces quality at mechanical treatment” in the  Оdessa National Polytechnic University. He introduced his scientific products at some defence industry enterprises of Ukraine and Russia including the Ukhtomskyi helicopter factory (OKB “Kamov”, Russia), the Southern-Turbine works (Mykolayiv city), the Permskyi motor works (Perm city, Russia), the “Міcron” and  “Оdeskabel” plants  (Оdesa city). 

In 2001 А.V. Usov obtained his State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering for introducing state-of-the-art fiber cable manufacturing technologies. He has published 205 scientific works including 15 monographs, 1 textbook, 8 manuals, 4 author's certificates.      

In 1998 А.V. Usov was elected a member of the National Committee on theoretical and applied mechanics. In 2000–2006 he was a member of the Council of experts on machine science and general engineering, the Supreme  Certification Commission of Ukraine.

Working as the head of the chair of higher mathematics and systems simulation,  А.V. Usov has done a lot to improve the education and training courses. He is the head of a specialized scientific council on Ph. D. and D. Sc. dissertations at the Odesa National Polytechnic University, and permanently works with young researchers and educators.



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