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Journal Details

Aims and Scope

Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi Proceedings of Odessa Polytechnic University  is an open access peer-reviewed international journal. 

The journal explores fundamental and applications issues in established areas of mechanics, materials engineering, energy and chemical technologies as well as in emerging fields; contemporary research on general mechanics, solid and structural mechanics, mechanics of machines; interdisciplinary fields between mechanics and other engineering sciences; electromechanics; advanced materials in design; design analysis and optimization; power systems optimization; power generation; power trading; electricity risk management; energy-saving technologies.

Open Access

Open access publications are freely and permanently available online to anyone with an internet connection. Unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium is permitted, provided the author/editor is properly attributed.
Open access has gained tremendous support from both authors, who appreciate the increased visibility of their work, as well as science institutions and funders, who value the societal impact of freely available research results.
Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi strongly supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative. Abstracts and full texts of all articles published by Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi are freely accessible to everyone immediately after publication.

What are the benefits of open access publishing?

Free availability thanks to unrestricted online access. Open access publications are freely available online to anyone, which maximizes the visibility, and thus the uptake and use of the work published.
Authors retain copyright. The use of a Creative Commons License enables authors/editors to retain copyright to their work. Publications can be reused and redistributed as long as the original author is correctly attributed.
High quality and rigorous peer review. Open access publications run through the same peer review, production and publishing processes than journals and books published under the traditional subscription-based model do.
Rapid publication. A streamlined and easy to use online submission and production process enables quick review, approval and publication.
No space constraints. Publishing online means unlimited space for supplementary material including figures, extensive data and video footage.
Compliance with open access mandates. Open access publications can comply with open access mandates from funding sources or academic institutions in the fastest and easiest way.
Citation tracking and inclusion in bibliographic databases. Open access journals are tracked for impact factors and are deposited into bibliographic databases without any embargo period just as traditional journals.

Article-processing charges (APC)

Open access publishing is not without costs. Odessa National Polytechnic University defrays these costs through article-processing charges because it does not have subscription charges for its research content. It is generally assumed that an APC will be paid by a funding agency or by the author’s institution and not by the author personally. The Editorial instead believes that immediate, worldwide, barrier-free, open access to the full text of research articles is in the best interests of the scientific community.

The APC for publication in this journal is 20USD/15EUR (plus VAT, if applicable).
Our fees cover the costs of peer review; copyediting; publication; immediate, worldwide open access to the full article text; securing inclusion in CrossRef, enabling electronic citation in other journals that are available electronically; inclusion in many Open Access databases.
Apart from these Article-processing charges, there are no submission charges, page charges, or color charges.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:

— Credit card payment can be made online using a secure payment form as soon as the manuscript has been accepted in principle.
— Invoice payment is due within 30 days of the manuscript receiving editorial acceptance in principle.

Waiver Policy. Odessa National Polytechnic University provides an automatic waiver of Article Processing Charges to authors based in any of the following countries which were classified by the World Bank as Low-income economies or Lower-middle-income economies. In order to apply for a waiver, please request one before submitting your manuscript by sending an email to pratsi.opu@gmail.com.

Archiving policy

Full text electronic version of Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi can be accessed from the repository of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.



CrossRef is the official DOI® link registration agency for scholarly and professional publications.
Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi is a member of CrossRef and we coin all peer-reviewed article DOIs through them. The DOI links ensure that there are persistent identifiers to articles published with us.


Creative Commons (CC) is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.
We use CC-BY licensing on all articles (see each article for the exact CC-BY version used). This means authors retain their copyright, while at the same time others can freely copy & reuse the articles without needing to ask further permission. If a publisher asks you to sign over your copyright then it becomes difficult, expensive, or impossible for others to access your research.

Copyright Permissions

1. Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi publishes accepted manuscripts under a CC-BY license.
2. Odes’kyi Politechnichnyi Universytet. Pratsi allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions. Also the journal allows the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restrictions.